Mystery Solved!!!

Have you ever watched a movie from the middle and tried to figure out what you missed in the beginning and what will be the ending?  Anyone who has ever watched a movie or read a book will agree that it is always advantageous to have knowledge of the beginning of the story… so as to be able to correctly identify the characters and their roles….and in so doing, have a better understanding of  the direction of the story and perhaps even project it’s outcome–all because,  you see the progression and unfolding of events with an accurate view.

I believe most of us at some point or another…not out of preference, but rather as a result of circumstances… have found ourselves drawn into watching a movie without having the advantage of key information about it’s beginning; and it is that absence of information that further complicates our understanding of the plot…thereby, giving rise to probable miscalculations of the identity of characters and even miscalculations of the ultimate outcome of the story.

And so it is in real life…when History is obscured or intentionally twisted, we are left with enough Misinformation so as to Misidentify characters and Misalign ourselves as regards understanding the Truth of Present circumstances which then contributes to having a skewed view for the unfolding of Future events.

Now I imagine,  that most who are reading this have been born again of the Spirit of Truth and are therefore Truth Seekers by nature…that is,  the new nature.  As such, we know, that it is the Truth that all of mankind is ultimately held accountable to… and it is the Truth,  which makes us free from the lie and the author of lies.

However, if you are reading this and you have not been born again, it is my sincere prayer that you have such an encounter with the Spirit of Truth that you will have ears to hear and a heart to obey the FATHER’s calling you into right relationship with HIM, who is Holy, through receiving the perfect sacrifice of HIS SON, YAHAWASHI (Jesus) for the redemption from sin…

And then; it is my prayer that you pick up the greatest Book ever written, The Scriptures…The Bible…The Word of YAHAWAH our Alahym (the LORD our GOD) and with spiritual eyes start to see the greatest story ever told begin to unwind before your very eyes…as we  eagerly await the soon return of  The Author.

And if you’ve already been an avid reader of this Book, consider yourself as one who perhaps has just picked up the Book and started reading from the middle and all of a sudden some light is about to be shed on the identity of some of the characters…the significance of which is whether or not we have an accurate understanding of that which is–the Present;  and was–HisStory;  and is soon to come–Prophecy.  Further discussion to the prophetic development of this topic will be provided in the post entitled One Book, One Author.

So let us embark upon the unraveling of that which has been hidden for so very long…Be Blessed!!!


By 3rdday7comes8

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