HIS Prophetic Calendar…Dress Rehearsal for a Wedding

YAHAWAH, our Alahym (GOD) has an Eternal Plan which is further revealed in HIS Prophetic Calendar…

So when did YAHAWAH change HIS Sabbath from the seventh day, Saturday, to the the first day, Sunday…or did HE…


Have you ever wondered why the names of the days of the week, as we know them today, appear NO where in the Bible—not translated from the Hebrew or the Greek?  If their source is not Biblical, then what is being perpetuated in these names?  You may be surprised…


And just when was YAHAWASHI (JESUS) born…and who said the timing of this Prophetic Event was not in the Scriptures…


The Feasts of  YAHAWAH, (the LORD)…which outline the pivotal events of HIS Plan of Salvation…both HIS First Coming and HIS Second Coming…Only Sovereign Deity could conceal with the intent to reveal through precise  detail hidden in plain sight… as what would appear to the natural eye to be “cultural festivals of the Jews, ” YAHAWAH proves to be a “Dress Rehearsal for the events leading to the Marriage Supper of the LAMB.” (the following two videos below both pertain to the Spring Feasts…the Fall Feasts are detailed separately in video teachings done by Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries (the author of the first video) and shared on Youtube as well…may the following be that which whets your appetite to pursue the several other parts of this study.)

…As to the Marriage Supper, has HE received your RSVP ?


…And again, a prerequisite to the Marriage of the LAMB (the Feast of Tabernacles…one of the fall Feasts) is the Betrothal (Shavout {Hebrew} or Pentacost {Greek}…one of the spring Feasts)…We must keep in mind that the Hebrew Wedding as defined by Torah (YAHAWAH’s Law) is a two step process. (An understanding of these two steps will explain with more clarity, why {without knowing this was no ordinary conception} when Mary became pregnant it was a matter of public disgrace even though she was “betrothed” to Joseph —she was only in step one of the two step process) Step one is the Betrothal, in Hebrew, “Kiddushin” which means “sanctification” …it is where the Oath is given which sets apart the Bride and Husband for each other before Alahym (GOD)…in fact, one of the meanings of the word “Shavuot” is “Oath” (the word as well carries the meaning “weeks”). Between step one and step two is a time of preparation, during which the Bridegroom builds a home for he and his Bride (usually adjacent to or attached to his father’s house)…Our BRIDEGROOM assured us of HIS love and devotion with these words, “In MY FATHER’s House are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto MYSELF, that where I AM, you may be also”. Now keep in mind that these words come from HE who parted the Red Sea for HIS BRIDE even before the Betrothal…I am my BELOVED’s and my BELOVED is mine… Step two is the finalization of the vows —“nisu’in”, wherein the marriage is consummated with the two finally living under the same roof…Do you feel HIM even now wooing us and tugging at our hearts…HallaluYah and Amen !!!

Hebrew Woman

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