The Burning Bush That Is Not Consumed

There are some Scripture verses which will only be understood with the Hebrew mindset…which is part of our inheritance…we have the mind of Messiah (Christ)…the Root and the Branch of that cultured tree that we have been grafted into. 

Yes, we were grafted in as a wild branch, however, it is our choice  as to whether we remain wild and assimilate to the world and the religious traditions of men or whether we  allow ourselves to be transformed into our true identity…a royal priesthood, a holy nation unto our King Yahshua (Jesus) who said of Himself…”…My Kingdom is not of this world…My Kingdom is not of this realm.”  John 18:36    As born-again Believers in Messiah Yahshua (Christ Jesus) our “motherland” (Galatians 4:26) and the citizenship we have been born into as part of His Kingdom is the New Jerusalem (Hebrews 11:16)…and further in identifying who we are; Galatians 3:29, ” And if you belong to Messiah (Christ), then you are Abraham’s descendents, heirs according to promise.” 

Now,  precisely, Abraham was not a Jew; but rather Abram who became Abraham was a Hebrew, (the word Hebrew–Strongs Concordance # H5680–means “one from beyond”…and it was a designation not only of Abraham but as well, of the patriarchs and the Israelites in general) and as a matter of Covenant, it is our spiritual identity…as ones from the other side of spiritual Jordon who even now are seated with Him in the heavenly places in Messiah (Christ) although we now serve our King in this present realm as ambassadors of His Eternal Kingdom.  We are Hebrews whose hearts have been circumcised as citizens of Spiritual Israel…and there is yet an abundance of the flow of the oil of anointing from our “family tree” which will serve to make the light of revelation burn even brighter unto understanding the Scriptures as we return to,  and  continue to embrace the fullness of the truth.

Proverbs 4:7  “The beginning of wisdom is:  Acquire wisdom and with all your acquiring,  get understanding.” Be Blessed!

Let us examine, for example, further insight and understanding of Scripture as it is provided with a look at the ancient Biblical Hebrew or Paleo Hebrew.


By 3rdday7comes8

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